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VoIP Phones and working from Home

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VoIP Phones and working from Home

Many of you are already using a phone system installed by Elad. Your one of the lucky ones. Our phones allow you to take your phone with you anywhere and plug it in to use. The security of VPN and military level encryption will guarantee that you have a private call, and great call quality.

Grandstream GXP2160

Phone carriers will allow you to forward a call to your cell, but you lose all the features of your phone system. You can’t transfer, you can’t 3 way, you can’t put on hold, you don’t see if people are online or not.

The Elad phone system is as robust as the largest companies out there. It is used by groups like Boeing, Dell, Microsoft, and yes, the US Government. It can be configured for a setup as small as a single phone.

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