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Always be Suspicious

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Always be Suspicious

In one day, March 23rd, 2020. Also known as Corona quarantine day 8, I have had 4 attempts from people to social engineer themselves into my life.

  1. I get an email from “to the eye” a normal email address. Stating that they require a Power of Attorney in order to continue services to my company in 2020. The funny thing here is, they were posing as an IT support company. I simply marked their domain as spam and deleted the email.
  2. I receive a call from “Amazon” telling me there was malicious activity on my Amazon account. In fear that someone may have stolen my credit card information I logged into amazon and didn’t see anything unusual. The next 5 minutes were entertaining to say the least. I was Jauche Koustow from the outer plains of a place called Pwueto. I gave a real address and everything. They actually said they “found” my made up account I gave them and asked me for the credit card number on file for validation. I explained to him that his children had no right to respect him and he should take a long look at his life if he needs to do this for money. He hung up.
  3. Not me, but my wife, received a few new “students” to her texting group she uses for her class. It didn’t take long before they started posting unethical pictures in the chat message to her. She removed them from the group for ever.
  4. Last (but it’s still 3:30), a phone call from someone posing as “Microsoft” telling me that my computer had a virus. I was upfront with this person and told him Microsoft doesn’t have a home user support group, and he hung up.

As you can see, even in a time where quarantines are in place, other countries are hard at work still to steal your information. Do not fall victim to this!! The scammers are good, they will do everything they can to convince you, they are well trained. Use this as a good rule of thumb. If you didn’t initiate it, it isn’t legitimate. If it is legitimate they will find another way to contact you. Always error on the side of being cautious, you may upset 1 out of 100 people, but you will keep your money and time safe.

Elad Technicians are assigned to specific clients only. You will know your technicians assigned names and phone numbers. They will NEVER call you asking you to validate yourself.


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